Sunday, February 26, 2017

The work of Amélia Proulx

Voilà, Vois là
Amélia Proulx
McLuhan states that, "The interplay between the old and the new environments creates many problems and confusions. The main obstacle to a clear understanding of the effects of the new media is our deeply embedded habit of regarding all phenomena from a fixed point of view." Amélia Proulx is taking fixed point of view that most of us have on ceramics and making it musical.  During the crazing process of glazing her ceramic pieces, Amélia Proulx was inspired by the sounds produced. Expanding on this sound, she created pieces that took the sounds that most people had never heard of and made the star of the piece. Similar to McLuhan’s notion of having a fixed view, Proulx states that: "through the representation of iconic signs and various technological manipulations, my work evokes the cycles of transformation of matter and a perpetual shift of the meaning in the perception of natural phenomena. Thus, I activate ceramics in various ways to create sculptures and installations - often kinetic or sonorous- that suggest a perpetual slip of meaning in the language and in the perception of natural phenomena". Voilà, Vois là, is a piece based on the metaphor of the "fog veil:, and suggests a conflation of two time lines. The static time of hundreds of glazed porcelain drops suspended in the a structure and the combination of the liquid timeline of water particles accumulating and dripping from the porcelain drops created by the fog. This interplay between her porcelain structures and the water or sound that she produces in tandem makes her art not just transcend the normal notion of porcelain but also the environment in which it is used.

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